• tight-edge-curved-edge-strapping

    Mil-Spec packaging a wide variety of poly strapping seals. The type of metal seal that needs to be used is influenced by the load or package characteristics/capacity. Low volume, medium tension, to heavier loads may best be tensioned and sealed with manual tensioners and poly strapping seals. The heaviest loads may require manual combination tools, polyester strapping and metal textured seals such as serrated strapping seals.

  • Tabletop Strapping Machines

    Strapping machines are becoming a familiar sight in shipping rooms everywhere. Whether applied with a semi-automatic tabletop strapper or a fully automatic arch machine, nothing keeps a heavy carton closed quite as well as a plastic strap. Utilized in a variety of industries such as commercial printing, food, lumber, postal and general packaging, plastic strapping machines can apply a unitizing band simply, quickly, and safely in seconds.

  • Strapping Tools

    Mil-spec Packaging’s Polyester strapping tools more specifically poly strapping sealers are used to manually seal poly strapping seals around a carton, load, or pallets.