• Constant Heat Sealers

    Constant Heat Sealers are used to create a seal with a particular pattern, or to apply a lid film over a container. These heat sealing packaging machines are used to seal MIL spec barrier bags, coated paper, film and foil laminates and other multi-layer materials.

  • Clamco Bench Mounted Heat Sealers

    Clamco Bench Mounted Sealers for foods, retail products and industrial supplies. A model for every bag size up to 36"; a jaw for every bag material and a seal as strong as the bag itself. Greater durability and operation equal to more expensive methods of sealing.

    Clamco Heat Sealer Features:
    Heat indicator assists in proper temperature selection.

    For minimum wear and maximum service, there's only one moving part.

    Accurate thermostat controls sealing temperature of upper and lower jaws for strong, attractive, watertight seal.

    Strong 1/4" seal matches bag strength; wide seal available.

    Red safety pilot warns operator that jaws are hot; reminds operator to turn off machine at end of day.

    Choice of jaws: DuPont™ Teflon®, plain metal, and serrated metal.

    Clamco bench mounted sealers are simple to maintain in the field. All electrical components easily replaced in minutes without special tools.

    All sealing jaw surfaces are heated evenly by durable heating cartridge. No hot or cold spots.

  • Heat Sealers

    For hosiery, undergarments, knit goods, greeting cards, sporting gear and snack foods, motorized foot-pedal sealers for polyethylene and polypropylene bags. Seals, trims comparable to side weld seam.

    Adjustable power control for fast selection of best sealing element temperature for polyethylene or polypropylene bags up to 2 mil thickness.

    Long lasting sealing element makes bead seal comparable to side weld seam; trims off excess. Handy connection for plant air or small compressor. Efficient air jet blows away scrap after bag is sealed and trimmed.

  • Clamco Model W-280: Motorized Polysealers

    Poly bag heat sealer for air and watertight sealing of polyethylene bags used for packaging food, dry goods, hardware and miscellaneous manufactured products.

    Poly Sealer Machine Features:
    For uniform, strong, attractive seals, this poly sealer unit uses patented low voltage heated band with DuPont™ Teflon® cover.

    When new DuPont™ Teflon® is needed it is easily replenished from reserve supply.

    Rapid warm-up takes only two minutes from turn-on.

    Portable unit can be operated by standing or seated operator. Poly bag heat sealer is easy to move, conveniently stored.

    Convenient foot switch gives single-cycle sealing or continuous-cycle sealing when kept depressed.