Container Dri® II: Desiccant bags for containers eliminate container rain and moisture condensation during shipping and storage.

Shipment/Storage of Automotive, Bulk Packaged Grains/Milled Products, Food, Powders, Glass, Wood, Pet Food, Canned Goods, Perishable Goods & More

What is it?

Container Dri® II is a specially designed desiccant aimed at protecting cargo during shipping by absorbing moisture vapor from the air. In doing so, Container Dri II reduces dew point temperature (the temperature at which condensation begins to form, causing "container rain"), keeping cargo dry and safe. All Container Dri II product configurations contain a patented formulation of calcium chloride and a gelling agent to absorb and trap moisture.

Why use it?

As goods move through intermodal systems, they are susceptible to water damage from the condensation of moisture due to high humidity levels and day-to-night temperature fluctuations. Container Dri II adds a new level of protection in containers by ensuring moisture reduction.

Container Dri II desiccant bags and strips absorb up to three times their weight in moisture, and through an advanced formula, traps moisture as a thick gel. In addition, by using Container Dri II in refrigerated or non-refrigerated containers, cargo will remain fresh for an extended period of time in dryer atmospheric conditions. Container Dri II has the ability to protect shipments from start to finish, through all temperature ranges and relative humidity variances.

Available Configurations

Container Dri II is available in both strip and as single bags. Container Dri II Strip is the only solution on the market with an adhesive backing that ensures easy installation onto the walls of shipping containers or inside storage warehouses. Individual desiccant bags can be placed between stacks of cargo. An advanced hanging configuration, Container Dri II Plus, is also available.

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