Eliminate mold, mildew, corrosion, rust, peeling labels and other harmful effects of moisture during shipping and storage.

Shipment/Storage of Automotive, Bulk Packaged Grains/Milled Products, Food, Powders, Glass, Wood, Pet Food, Canned Goods, Perishable Goods & More
What is it?
Container Dri® II Plus (CDII+) is part of Süd-Chemie’s Container Dri II line of cargo desiccants. It is a specially designed desiccant aimed at protecting cargo by absorbing moisture vapor from the air. CDII+ is a versatile configuration composed of a blanket of 12 125-gram compartments of Container Dri II. CDII+ is made with an outer protective envelope and powerful strapping system allowing it to be quickly and securely hung and suspended in sea containers, rail cars or river barges. All Container Dri II product configurations contain a patented formulation of calcium chloride and a gelling agent to absorb and trap moisture.

Why use it?
As goods move through intermodal transport systems, they are susceptible to water damage from condensation of moisture due to high humidity and day-to-night temperature changes. Container Dri II Plus adds a greater level of protection in containers by ensuring significant moisture reduction. By absorbing approximately 2400 grams of moisture per bag, CDII+ reduces dew point temperature (the temperature at which condensation begins to form, causing "container rain"), keeping cargo dry and safe. The product is ready-to-use, making installation quick and easy in a variety of shipping containers.

Available configurations

Container Dri II Plus is available in a large configuration containing the equivalent of 12 125-gram bags complete with strapping system and locking hook for hanging.

Because of its large configuration only 5 to 6 bags are recommended to protect a rail car or 40-foot container. The amount varies depending on transport route, environmental conditions and susceptibility of the cargo.

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