Packaged Desiccant Applications: Electronic Components, Semiconductors, Machine Parts, Military Instruments & Armaments, Automotive Parts, Circuit Boards, Granules (Flour, Sugar), Optical Devices & More

What are they?

Large desiccant bags and desiccant pouches absorb moisture, odors and chemicals to preserve and protect any number of products, including semiconductors, electronics, cartons of food or even large machinery.

Why use them?

Whether in storage or transit, products in nearly every industry require protection from moisture. Rust, mildew, mold and an overall decrease in product efficacy are all common effects of moisture, costing millions in returned or unusable product each year. Desiccant pouches help prevent damage by absorbing moisture in the air.

Available configurations

Desiccant bags are packaged in DuPont Tyvek®, GDT-II or high-strength polyester rayon materials, all of which are strong, durable and meet FDA specifications.

Packaged desiccant is available in sizes ranging from 1/6 unit to 80 units (5 1/2 grams to 2,640 grams). Desi Pak®, a bentonite clay desiccant, is one of Süd-Chemie's most economical and effective options. Other fills include Sorb-It® (silica gel), Tri-Sorb® Desiccant (molecular sieve), 2-in-1 Pak (silica gel or bentonite clay with activated carbon) and Getter Pak (activated carbon).

Desiccant pouches line includes:

Netted desiccant bags
Covered with a red, food-grade netting, the netted desiccant bags can be dropped directly into powdered products and easily identified and discarded once the product is ready to be used.

String-sewn desiccant bags
String sewn bags are ideal for protecting large items from rust, corrosion or other moisture damage. They can be hung on large equipment for transport or storage, or within storage or transport containers.

Large desiccant bags comply with a wide range of industry standards, including military, aerospace, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals and more. For complete details, call or request quote.
Unit of Measure