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Packaging Bags and Pouches

Including Anti-Static Barrier Bags, Poly Bags and Jiffy Padded Mailer Bags.
Corrugated Packaging Supplies

Packaging Barrier Bags, Tubes & Roll Goods

Packaging Tubes

Packaging Tubes

Including Packaging Barrier Tubes, Paper Tubes and Anti-Static Poly Tubing.
Strapping Seals, Machines and Tools

Strapping, Seals, Machines and Tools


Corrugated Packaging Supplies

Including Corrugated Boxes and Sheets, Cardboard Sheets and Folding Chipboards.
Pallet Stretch Wrap, Heat Sealers & Film

Pallet Stretch Wrap, Heat Sealers & Film

Protective Packaging, Cushioning & Foam

Protective Packaging, Cushioning & Foam

Including Cellulose Wadding, Foam Cushioning, Bubble Wrap, Bound Fiber, Vermiculite and VCI/VPCI.

Packaging Tapes, Labels & Block Out Spray

Desiccant Absorption Bags

Desiccant Absorption Bags

Mil-spec Packaging distributes a wide range of desiccant bags and absorbent bags, including its patented Container Dri® II humidity absorbers.

Our array of desiccant bags that comply with rigorous industry standards including:

MIL-SPEC - Military packaging

JEDEC - Electronic/semiconductor packaging

FDA - can come in direct contact with food and drugs

Desiccant bags are available in a variety of substrates, including DuPont Tyvek® and other materials that meet the stringent requirements of these and other industries.

Container Dri II is designed to absorb humidity and condensation in shipping containers, protecting cargo during transport and storage.
Fast Packs and SPI/TPO Unit Packs

Fast Packs and SPI/TPO Unit Packs

Wooden Containers

Wooden Containers

Mil-Spec Packaging of Georgia sells a variety of Wooden Containers. Please request information to let us help you meet your needs.