• Standard Duty Steel Strapping

    Manufactured to meet rigid quality of specifications and close tolerances, Samuel Standard Duty steel strapping bands are ideal for all general applications and is available in a number of different finishes.

  • Polyester Strapping

    Mil-Spec Packaging is pleased to offer a wide variety and range of polyester strapping for every industry and application. Our strapping can be used with a wide variety of our tools to our custom strapping system solutions.

  • Polypropylene Strapping

    The most economical of all strapping material, polypropylene is a light weight strapping that can be used for a variety of bundling applications. It is available in a wide variety of sizes and gauges and offers the greatest elongation of all strapping and has good initial recovery characteristics. Samuel polypropylene can be heat sealed with a joint efficiency of 70 to 80%. By nature, polypropylene strapping is very flexible and has the ability to mold to contours of odd-shaped or irregular shaped packages.

  • Regular Duty Steel Strapping

    Mil-Spec's regular duty steel strapping is a low carbon strapping produced for light to medium duty applications. All of our regular duty strapping is painted black and waxed for superior performance in our strapping tools. Our straps meet or exceed ASTM-D3953 and are manufactured under strict ISO guidelines.

  • Hi Tensile Steel Strappings

    High tensile steel strapping is a high carbon strap treated with heat to provide superior elongation and tensile strength. All of our Hi tensile strapping is painted and waxed for superior performance in our strapping tools. Our strap is produced to meet or exceed ASTM D3953 specifications and is manufactured under strict ISO guidelines.

  • Zinc Steel Strapping

    Zinc steel strapping provides exceptional resistance to rust and corrosion due to its zinc-enriched paint coating. It is ideal for long-term outdoor storage of banded product, in caustic or corrosive environments, and for maritime use. Unlike traditional galvanized strap, zinc-coated strap will not stain your load and is waxed for easy application. Available in both regular-duty and high-tensile strength, zinc strapping has the same strength and load-holding characteristics of standard black painted and waxed strap.

  • Mini Coils

    Mini Coils


    Mil-Spec's mini coil straps are 300 ft coils in your favorite sizes. Perfect for sampling products wherever high mobility and low volumes are needed, they are packaged in a self-dispensing carton so you can use just what is needed. Our mini coils are available in various colors and custom sizes are available.

  • tight-edge-curved-edge-strapping

    Mil-Spec offers a curved edge strap with a profiled edge for use in roll banding. The rolled edges grip the package to decrease snagging on paper rolls.

  • Punched-Strap

    Punched strapping seals are ideal for anchoring and comes in several sizes.